What is HILS?

Croatia is a young state whose democratic institutions, including the institutions of local government, are very young and still under the strong influence of socialist practice and mentality. This influence is visible through the entity of actions and system of authority. Thus the steps that the central government is undertaking in the course of enhancing the local government are almost symbolic and most often initiated by external factors.In such an atmosphere organisations like Croatian Institute for Local Government (HILS) have necessarily emerged. Founded in 1998 as a non-profit association devoted to the study and promotion of the idea of local government in Croatia, HILS is enhancing local government and educating the entities of local government to steer their own functioning and progress.

By its idea and motive HILS succeeded in gathering the experts which even today form the foundation of its lecturing and authority team. Therefore today, and based on its actions and part in deepening and promotion of the idea of local government, HILS enjoys the reputation of a crucial authority in its area of expertise.

HILS considers its mission far from realisation, so it will continue to develop its activities, both on local and international plans. Main directions of HILS' further actions are already charted: further work on local projects and the expansion of the circle of Croatian and international partners and of international bodies with which it co-operates.