About LOGIN project

Date: 16.10.2008
Category: LOGIN

On January 1, 2008, HILS became a national partner of the international organization Local Government Initiative (LGI) for Croatia and in the framework of a three-year partnership it implements LOGIN project, which consists of informing local self-government units about decentralization, democratization and other political and administrative trends which concern local self-government, about laws (domestic and foreign), and informing about trends in activism in the field of local self-government in the frame of the Council of Europe (ENTO), about actual possibilities of education and tenders for receiving financial support for the projects and other relevant maters, which will contribute to better understanding of political trends in local self-government units (especially decentralization, democratization and pre-access process). Main information-flow channels are publications, important information and documents in on-line library which contains documents available for free downloading through specially designed information system integrated into HILS' web-site and which can easily be searched by key words and the type of the document. The LOGIN Toolbar provides publications related to inter-municipal cooperation, strengthening management and organizational capacities, manuals for business management, for project writing and management, and articles and information regarding educations and tenders, as well as other relevant issues.