Politeia Đakovo - Summary

Date: 15.07.2015
Categories: Homepage, Politeia Đakovo

Considering lack of visibility and capacities of CSOs (2 out of 241 CSOs were project leaders), their unconciousness of importance of participation in policies (communication with LGU consists of requests for support), and lack of capacities of the City for building capacities of CSOs and their inclusion into policy-making, SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE is To develop a sustainable model of advocacy and participation of CSOs and other relevant stakeholders in policy-making and monitoring of local public policies (Indicators: 1. 8 public consultations have been implemented; 2. Charter of cooperation on sustainability has been signed). The objective will be achieved through ACTIVITIES of informing/animating/educating (activity 1.), establishing a sustainable model of systematic cooperation between CSOs and local government (activity 2.), and activities of increasing visibility of CSOs and their cooperation with local government (activities 3., 4. and 6.) will be implemented. Activities will lead to the following RESULTS: 2.1. At least 8 public consultations took place; 2.2. At least 15 CSOs participated at public consultations; 4. 4 public campaigns took place.